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Nov. 17th, 2007 @ 01:49 pm


Update:Summer of Sailing Jul. 7th, 2007 @ 07:27 pm
Christmas in July

Less than a week after my spring semester ended, I was on my to Newport, Oregon, to what would be my home for the summer—the tall ship the Lady Washington.

Now, several pirate festivals later (by the way, we’re not pirates, probably the most frequently asked question---we’re a replica of the original Lady Washington, which was a merchant sailing vessel and the first American flagged ship to sail around Cape Horn in the late 1700’s), I’ve found myself a little tanner (or maybe that’s just dirt), and a little more knowledgeable about how to sail a 18th century vessel with over 6 miles of line.

I’m currently sitting in a café in Westport, Washington. Looking out of the windows I see the ocean and the Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington waiting to embark on another open ocean transit. As per the weather report, it should promise to be a rough one too. The motion of the Lady Washington has been described to be like a belly dancer. A less romantic description refers to her as the “Vomitron”. There are three kinds of sailors—ones that have been seasick, ones that will be seasick, and liars. I remain in the middle of the three groups. But, I’ll let you know how well I fair after the next three days on the open ocean.

I’m enjoying my first official day off since I got on board in the middle of May. After working 12 to 16 hour days, seven days a week, I am fully appreciating this opportunity to sit down, and make a list of all the things I want to do today. Because really, if you know me well, you know how good I am at “doing nothing” and “kicking back”.

So far, working on the boats has been great. My cooking skills have vastly improved; preparing three meals a day for 20 people is one of the best crash courses in cooking I could ask for. Here are a few of the many things I’ve learned over the past two months:
-Small red peppers should not be added to ANY dish by the DOZEN, and then blended up.
-There’s a very good explanation for why ice cream for breakfast is generally frowned upon. (About two hours after the fact, dealing with public becomes increasingly difficult, and all you get is a bunch of sailors who need to take a nap.)
-Sailors (men in particular), need their mommy.
-Sometimes you just have to go to church in pants that have hand prints on the butt.
-A once a month shower is okay.
-It’s possible to “grow” your own gloves, “build up” your own shoe, and acquire your own unique perfume.

In addition to cooking, I’ve taken on the role of attempting to ward off “boat plague”. In order to accomplish this, I’m taking a “naturopathic” approach—lots of vitamin C, tonics and elixirs consisting of flax seed, cod liver oil and chlorophyll. This ties in well with the point I made earlier about sailors just needing their mommy sometimes. Basically, I really think there’s something to these drinks and all the essential oils, incense, and other hippy-dippy stuff, physiologically. But honestly, I could be giving them water with food coloring, and just tell them it would help, as the biggest benefit comes from the feeling that someone, just like your mom would do, is taking care of you. Placebo effect, but it’s more than that. It’s the warm fuzzy feeling you get from being tucked in at night, and from a bowl of warm chicken noodle soup. Anyway, I have this little menu of drinks people can pick from, one of which is called the “Green Drink” (for good reason). I made it for one of the women on the boat, and a little bit later in the day she came up to me told me that she thought the drink had made her breasts bigger…??? I haven’t experienced similar effects, and have been drinking the “green drink” for some time now. Regardless, by the end of the day, I had several more requests for green drink, as well as one very concerned male sailor. He (I think jokingly) said that for the next couple of days he took a tape measure to his bust line just to be sure. The placebo effect can physically manifest itself in interesting ways, so who knows…maybe I’ll end up with a crew of boat plague free, but busty, sailors…

One of the things I like best about working on these vessels is getting the chance to visit all the quirky little port towns we stop in. Most of the towns we dock in, I’ve already been to via land. But, stepping into these towns, from a replica of a 18th century tall ship, as a tall ship sailor, is a COMPLETELY different experience, and sooo cool. In the majority of the towns we’ve been to, people automatically recognize us as tall ship sailors. This may be because the town is so small they know everyone in it, and just put two and two together (the tall ships are in town + I haven’t known this person since I was in the second grade = they must be from the boat). Even more likely it’s that special odor tall ship sailors seem to maintain. It’s a mixture between pine tar, garlic (particularly if you’re the cook), and afore mentioned shower issue. I’d like to think that we just radiate this “from the sea” pheromone. It seems more idealistic then just saying we smell bad.

Here’s some of the miscellaneous adventures/cool things I’ve had the opportunity to do since getting on the tall ship this summer:
-I’ve completed in a curling match, wearing my period sailing clothing
-Shot off three- and one-pounder guns
-Crossed the Columbia River bar twice
-Watched a whale surface between the Lady and the Chieftain (much cooler if I had got a photo of it) while we were crossing the bar
-Participated in the First Salmon Ceremony with the Chinook Indian tribe as well as taking part in a reenactment/trade with the Lady Washington Crew and the Chinook
-Spun fire
-Purchased about five carts full of groceries AT LEAST once a week
-Made 12 pies in one day

That about empties my head for now...

Quick update Feb. 10th, 2007 @ 01:37 am
It's nearing 2am, and I really, really should be asleep. So what better time for a quick lj update?

Classes: I'm loving, LOVING my classes this semester. No lab classes is treating me well, and I'm staring two exams next week and a paper in the face, and looking forward to it. This semester thus far hasn't really been stress free, however the stress I have felt has, for the first time ever, not been related to actual classes.

Arcadia: Tech week rapidly approaching. Cast amazing. Rehearsal tonight, was long.

There other things going on, for sure, in my life right now, this is all I care to report on for now. The only real complaint I have is my right tonsil, which has now been sore for over a month, bringing my sinuses and left tonsil along for the ride. Screw you right tonsil--I will triumph.

But the real reason for this post is that it's the first post for 2007, and the mark of going on 6 years of livejournal. Weird.
Current Mood: tiredtired

Need to be sleeping... Dec. 20th, 2006 @ 02:10 am
I really need to be sleeping right now. But, I also just realized that I kind of forgot about life over this last semester---meaning that people where trying to contact me about two months ago, and I just realized it. In addition one of my best friends in the world is getting married, and I JUST found out about it. I have had my head under a pile of books the last three months, and while I've learned a lot, I've also missed a lot. Gah

Now I'm home, with now real homework, only some applications and things it would be nice to do, like make Felicia a skirt, and put together a recipe book (why do breaks make me want to be Martha Stewart?), and am finally looking around and catching up to life.

Gah...so may feelings in my head, and I don't know what to do with them all. Best to let sleep handle it.

Update in 5 minutes Dec. 1st, 2006 @ 05:25 pm
No idea how long it's been since I've updated...but here goes...

-drinking a refreshing beverage right now.
-ochem exam on Tuesday, then a final for it next Monday.
-crap load of other homework/reading/papers/exams for other classes.
-Next semester is going to be a beautiful thing.
-went to Greece, Poland, and Colorado this summer.
-worked on a tall ship this summer.
-It snowed earlier this week.
-cell phone is broken.
-got two early birthday/christmas presents: a digital camer to replace one that was broken when the boat I was on was almost hit by a barge, and a puppy.
-done with the semester from hell in two weeks.
-assistant stage managing the mainstage production at UPS next semester.
-going to rehearsal right now

That is all for now
Other entries
» Good Weekend
Wow this weekend was just completely wonderful and refreshing. I went home (still there actually...heading back to T-town tomorrow), and just hung out with my parents. Had to kind of re-adjust the pace a little to match home life, but all in all, it was great. Got 11 pages written on my paper, saw Pirates of Penzance, went running, ate a bannana split, hung out with Brian and Jeromy, went to a naturopathic conference, played Mission: Survival, watched national geographic, talked to Pat, talked to Otis...completely fabulous. I love all the people who I had interactions with this weekend basically. I'm high on life. I'm looking forward to school starting, looking forward to going back to the boat this next weekend, looking forward to moving into my house, and for, well, for everything. I love the Iliad, I love sleeping, and I love ice cream, and more importantly, eating ice cream with cool people and coloring with them. But now, alas, I'm tired...so, I will go to bed!
» Candy is not a 9am treat.
Of course I have something to rant about regarding children. You would too if you spent over 50 hours a week with 70+ of them. I realize my last two posts have dealt with issues surrounding youth, and while I have done a great deal in between them, well, I'll post about that someday. But for now, I'm standing on my soap box, trying to tackle candy consumption under 12.

There's a candy store at work, that the kids run. It used to open up only in the afternoons, around snack time. Now it opens at 9am, and seems to remain open until about 4pm. This is bad because, a) at 9am, children are walking around with push pops and giant pixi sticks, b) processed and refined foods severely aggitate already existing behavior issues...namely autism, add, adhd, etc etc....this has been proven, c) i have to deal with these aggitated behavioral issues, d) too much sugar makes you fat...this has also been proven....I could go on.

Go ahead....ask a 5th grader to bring a healthy food. You'll most likely end up with cheetos. Then have them list off some things that are vegetables. They'll get stuck after carrot. It amazing what kids think is healthy. Did you know ice cream is a good substitute for milk? These are simple concepts people! Not something that is out of the reach of a 7 year old. It's not like they're being taught all this junk and just aren't listening/learning it. It's because they're not being taught it at all. Parents... Hello? Are you out there? I you aware of the growing rates of juvenile diabetes and obesity? Kids are not designed to sit around all day and watch television and each chips. No one is. You wouldn't let them smoke a cigarette when they're 6...but seriously..how are these trends any better?

I know that this is a suject that's been tackled time and time again. But, I needed to vent a little. But now I have a nice layer of mint julep on my face, some water to drink, and a paper to write.

Over and out.
» Too many children
For the last two weeks, my life has been pretty child centered, and will continue to be for the rest of the summer. I need to hang out with people my own age, please. But until then...Here's something I've been thinking about--

If I ever have children, they are going to climb trees and jump off of high places and each bugs and things off the ground, and roll in mud, and touch lots and lots of unsanitary things.

A few months ago there was a story on the news about how it’s not safe to build sand castles because of the possibility of getting E-coli. Sand castles! I don’t want to live in a world where it’s unsafe to build sand castles, so I’m choose to disregard that warning entirely.

At work I have to yell at kids constantly to not climb over fences or do flips off swings, because if some kid gets seriously injured, the club is at risk of being sued.

While I don’t like to see a kid get hurt, or sick from building a sand castle, I would be willing to expose my children to some of the basic parts of being a child, no matter how dangerous society dubs such actions. Breaking a few bones are part of growing up. By cushioning the blow of childhood with rules and safety precautions, kids are missing out of being a kid, and instead are growing up in sterile environment to be wimpy little twerps that are afraid of boogers and aren’t immune to anything. Kids need germs so they don’t get sick from other things later…none of this Lysol crap or Purell (which really only worsens the problem it’s trying to eliminate by encouraging antiseptic/antibiotic resistant strands of bacteria, but that’s a whole new issue.) And there’s a reason a kids bones are made of cartilage and heal super fast as a result. Putting a kid in a bubble is not the way to keep them safe.

Our society seems to be all about prevention. Which is good in some respects. Except when the “measures of prevention” start to become problematic themselves. By killing all the germs out there, restricting kids on the playground you might be reducing lawsuits and temporarily keeping everyone healthy, but I feel like the farm yard approach is a lot better. Let kids eat dirt and fall down…you can address the problems as them come, not before. In my opinion, it works a lot better in the long run to put a band-aid on a knee after it’s scraped than it is to put a fence around the tree so you can’t climb up it.
» (No Subject)
In an internet cafe in Greece, waiting for a friend to finish up some e-mailing. Do de do de doooooo...

Athens is interesting, but kind of dirty. Just like this keyboard I'm typing on at the moment. The keys keep sticking. Yeah, that feels like a good analogy to describe Athens, except the keys are actually Prostitutes. Ooh worldly experiences. At least there's Fanta everywhere.

I'm tired....blah.

OKay that's all I feel like writing for now.
» (No Subject)

Wow....I mean...whoa...and there's still more.
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