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Ready, set, go...

I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming

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25 December
Oh glorious days
11, 80's music, acting, adventures, alternative, animals, apple juice, apples, astronomy, awakenings, bagpipes, basketball, beach, beaches, being stupid sometimes, bigfoot, biking, blizzards, board games, books, buddhism, camping, care bears, chewing gum, chocolate milk, chuck palaniuk, clear, clouds, coins, confusion, cooking and baking, crayons, crying, daisies, dandelions, difference, drawing, dreaming, driving, enlightenment, eyes, fall, fight club, fireworks, fishing, fountain pens, frank sinatra, friends, fruit, good music, guys, hairspray, halo, height, henna tatoos, herbal tea, ice, idaho, inspector labels, inspiration, juice, karma, knitting, laughing, leaves, les miserables, life, lifting weights, louis armstrong, lucid dreaming, maine, making bad movies, making people happy, meditation, mirrors, modest mouse, movies, music, musicals, mystery, nature, new awakenings, nirvana, non-conformity, oldies, orange juice, oranges, ouija boards, packages, pajamas, peaches, philosophy, photography, pixies, poetic words, poetry, politics, psychology, puddles, queen, rain, rainbow brite, ramones, reading, religion, road trips, running, sandwiches, scarves, sewing, shoes, shooting stars, simple, singing, ska, sleep, sleeping, sleeping outside, slippers, small bookstores, snapple, snow, soup, space, spring, sunrises, sunshine, swimming, swords, thai food, the 80's, the aquabats, the beatles, the pixies, track, traveling, tulips, university of puget sound, vanilla, veggies, vintage, weezer, winter, wondering, writing, xbox, youth and government

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